Past Expeditions

Sharky’s Underwater Expeditions runs several trips every year, in addition to expeditions that are not public.

Past Expeditions

2015 Deep Wreck Expeditions

– Andrea Doria Expeditions

– U-869 Expedition 

2014 Deep Wreck Expeditions

– Baltic Sea Expedition

– Hatteras Deep Wrecks

– SS Carolina & RP Resor

– U-869 Hitlers Lost U-Boat

– Andrea Doria Expedition

– Malin Head, Ireland

Andrea Doria Trip, 2014

2013 Deep Wreck Expeditions

– Baltic Sea Expedition

– Graf Zepplin, Hitler’s Aircraft Carrier

– USS Monitor Expedition Week 1

– USS Monitor Expedition Week 2

– Andrea Doria Expedition

– U-869 Expedition – Hitlers Lost U-Boat

Sharky on his U-869 Expedition, 2013
Divers headed out to the historic USS Monitor, 2013

2012 Deep Wreck Expeditions

– Discovery Channel Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice

– USS Monitor Expedition | Photos

– New Jersey Tec/Wreck Expedition

2015 Deep Wreck Expeditions

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In October 2009, Sharky was one of the deep mixed gas divers and medical officer for the Gertrude Tomkins P51D Search Expedition.

“Gertrude `Tommy’ Tompkins Silver was one of 38 Women Air-force Service Pilots (WASP) who died while serving her country during WWII. She is `The Last Missing WASP.’ In October 2009 the Missing Aircraft Search Team (MAST) enlisted the help of expert divers from across the country to search the murky waters of Santa Monica Bay where Gertrude was last seen after taking off from LAX October 26th 1944.” (Dan Crowell of Digital Media Productions)