Frog Spit


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Frog Spit was originally designed for SCUBA divers to maintain a clear mask in cold Northwest waters. Many divers would sometimes spit in their masks to fight fogging.  Because Frog Spit® is equally effective in all climates and anywhere long-lasting anti-fog protection is essential we decided to name it in recognition of those clear-eyed amphibians that were able to operate equally well on land or in the water.  Plus, we wanted a fun name that was easily remembered. 

Frog Spit is a goofy name for an amazing new anti-fog. It’s the only “Green” Earth Friendly anti fog containing NO harmful silicone, alcohol or other petroleum distillates found in many anti-fogs. Easy to apply, Frog Spit anti-fog wipes and solutions were specifically designed as an “Apply and Let Dry” product requiring no rinsing or buffing. Not having to buff your eye protection means you don’t have to carry a micro cloth.