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Captain Mark “Sharky” Alexander started diving nearly 25 years ago as a Public Safety Diver for the Springfield/Sangamon County ESDA rescue squad in Illinois. Sharky is an active technical diver, closed circuit rebreather instructor and expedition leader, arranging and coordinating exploration expeditions around the world.

aa_sharky_explorers_club_flag_expedition_baltic_seaSharky’s Underwater Expeditions was founded in 2007, and focuses on advanced dive travel, deep wreck exploration, specialized technical training and closed circuit rebreather training. Sharky specializes in closed circuit rebreather training and mixed gas training, as well as functioning as a dive medical officer, and offering medical seminars on remote medical treatment and logistics. For more about Sharky, click here.

Sharky has participated or led expeditions to many historic deep wrecks, including the Graf Zepplin, Andrea Doria, U-869, SS Carolina, USS Monitor and Gertrude Tomkins-Silver’s missing P-51D Mustang.

Sharky has had the opportunity to do television work with Capt. Dan Crowell, former owner of the legendary east coast dive boat Seeker. Sharky participated in the Military Channel’s Quest for Sunken Warships series, working on the episodes “Torpedo Alley” and “Truk Lagoon.” Sharky has also participated in the History Channel’s Weird US Series, working on the episode “Weird Underworld.”

In 2010, Sharky was inducted into the Explorer’s Club, and in 2012 into the Royal Geographical Society, in Britain.

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